VELA Chatbots The VELA® Chatbot platform is DIVA which can delight your end consumers and boost your sales. Just say "Hello" to DIVA, and it will guide the user through the available choices and tell them what kinds of questions they can ask. It can reduce friction significantly by facilitating payments and allows the merchants to accept payments and the end user can pay from default Digital Wallet (offered by Chatbot Engines like Facebook, WeChat, etc.) or can utilize one of the Mobile Wallets like PayPal, Stripe inside the platform.

DIVA can look up product availability and prices – if the user decides to buy, it will guide him/her to complete the purchase. The chatbot uses the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to help answer the user's questions in the e-commerce and m-commerce areas. For example, the user would get recommendations about hotels, flights, restaurants, and things to do in any of his/her destinations. If the chatbot can't answer your question, it will send your question to one of our human attendants who will help the user within minutes.

Here are some other things it can do for your customers.

  • Instantly get the information they seek, the updates that are important to them, and the services they need
  • Make buying products a delightful experience. They can use messaging to view the catalog of products and services, take orders, and process payments
  • Personalized promotions or other content of yours they subscribe to
  • Allow them to access their information or make changes to their account directly in their new favorite channel: the chatbot
  • Allow for booking hotels, flights, and appointments on the go
  • Give instant feedback to future or prospective clients
  • Send location-aware information or notifications

VELA Chatbot Workflow






Messaging Chatbot
Merchant's White Labelling/Branding
Multiple Messenger Codes
VELA Payments Integration
Composer Enabled Input
NLP (Natural Language Processing) Support
Facebook Payments - Digital Wallet Integration
Facebook Chatbot Extensions support
Multi Lingual Support
Customer Matching Feature
Account Linking Feature
VELA Loyalty Integration

Reseller Program

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